How do Professionals Remove Mold?

Removing mold is a serious task that only the most experienced professionals should tackle. Mold specialists have access to various chemicals, equipment, and testing tools that allow them to properly assess the extent of a mold infestation and remove all traces of it from your home or office building.  Once the job is finished, they will often test the air quality to remove all mold.

Listed below are some methods used by professionals to remove mold from any property. 

Chemical Treatment

It is the most common method of commercial mold removal. Using special chemicals, professionals can kill off any residual molds lurking within your home or office building.  After the mold has been neutralized, it must either be wiped away with rags or removed via a vacuum. If there are many mold patches in your home or office, this process must be repeated many times to ensure that all traces have been removed.

Environmental Testing

Mold growth often occurs on porous surfaces such as drywall and ceiling tiles, which cannot easily be seen. To locate these hidden sources of contamination, experts use air sampling equipment that can detect even minuscule amounts of mold spores floating in the air. Mold specialists will then remove only the mold patches that can be identified via air sampling.

Conventional Detection Methods

In some cases, professionals may have to resort to conventional detection methods if the mold has not been exposed to any porous surfaces. This process begins by clearing out all items within your property that could be harboring mold. Experts will then apply a fluorescent dye onto the visible mold patches before removing them with rags or vacuums. The dyed mold patches will show up brightly under UV light, allowing pros to identify and wipe away every last trace of it.

Professional Mold Removal Service In Phoenix

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