How to Remove the Smoke Smell at Home?

Are you looking for smoke smell removal ideas? You will get there; stay here and get step-by-step guidelines.

1st step

First of all, throw away all the items that have been damaged and generating smoke smells such as lighters, packets, cigarette butts, and an ashtray, etc.

2nd step

Open all your home windows for proper air circulation; you can never remove the smoke smell with a closed window. After opening windows and doors, fresh air will rush, and smoke smell containing air will remove from the home.

3rd step

Take a 50/50 mixture of hot water and vinegar and adequately apply it over all the hard surfaces and leave it for a minimum of 30 minutes to allow the vinegar to do its work. For ceiling and walls, use powerful cleaning chemicals and ensure you have cleaned all the areas.

4th step

Now come to the fabric items such as carpet and other fabric equipment. You can clean them with household cleaners to remove the smoke smell from the fabrics. It is best if you wash them in the washing machine to remove their smoke smell.

5th step

If you have HVAC in your home, correctly clean it, remove air filters, and properly remove the dust.

6th step

Once you have done cleaning, take an air purifier; you can use any air purifiers you like. Apply it thickly and leave home for some hours but keep windows and doors open. Because thick apply of air purifier smell may irritate you.

7th step

If you need further smoke smell at home, you can also use an Ozone generator to deep clean your home.

Final Thoughts

Smoke smell irritates and also causes suffocation. If you experience a fire or smoke smell for any reason, you should immediately take steps to remove it. You can follow our above guidelines if you need proper removal of smoke smell.

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